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President of World Roma Organization Rromanipen

Jovan Damjanovic (SERBIA)




Date of birth:         08.07.1947.   
Address:                Prvomajska 116, 11080 Zemun, Serbia
E-mail:                   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • 1998-2004.     Federation of Roma associations of Serbia - President
  • 1999-2000.     Government of Republic of Serbia - Minister without portfolio
  • 1998-2000.     Commission of Federal government of SRJ for collection of data about war crimes - Vice-president
  • 2002-2006.     Roma TV „Amaro Drom“ -  Director
  • 2004-2010.     International Roma Union - Vice-president
  • 2005-2007.     Assembly of city of Belgrade - Councillor
  • 2006-today.    Federation of Roma of Serbia - President
  • 2007-today.    Parliament of the Republic of Serbia - Deputy
  • 2009-today.    Democratic left of Roma - President
  • 2011-today.    World Roma Organization - President



Graduated tourismologist  (1971.)


  1. Roma
  2. Serbian
  3. German
  4. Italian
  • 32 letters of thanks and charters of numerous Roma associations from Serbia 32
  • 2002    Charter “Slobodan Berberski” for political participation of Roma in Serbia
  • 2004    Greatest charter of International Roma Union for contribution to the Roma human rights
  • 2005    Charter assigned from side of mayor of Sofia for uniting of Roma of Balkan
  • 2006    Charter assigned from side of the senator of state Haryana for bringing closer of diaspora and mother India
  • 2006    Charter of Balkan’s federation of Roma from Bulgaria for successful political activity.
  • 2007    Charter assigned from side of the Bulgarian Orthodox church for affirmation of Orthodoxy in Roma community.
  • 2008    Charter of president of International artist’s festival in Poland Edward Debicki for affirmation to the Roma culture in Europe
  • 2008    Vice-preisdent of the Organizational board for the World culture of Roma
  • 2009    Charter „DEONOARE Joan Cioba“ for great contribution to integration of Roma between Romania and Serbia.
  • 2010    Acquired golden coat of arms of town Lanciano from side of mayor for development of culture and political integration between the Roma of Italy and Serbia.
  • 2010    Career award assigned from side of the member of CoE Roberto Tumbarello in Lanciano (Italy)



President is the highest representative of World Roma Organization Rromanipen.
President is elected by the Congress with majority votes of present members. President is elected on the Congress on proposal of at least 10 countries that are present on the Congress.
In case that no candidate win majority of votes in first circle of voting, Congress will with majority of votes perform election between two candidates with highest number of votes in second circle.
Voting about president can be performed secretly or by acclamation, and delegates of Congress decide about that with majority of votes.



•    Mediates between World Roma Organization Rromanipen and Roma NGOs;
•    Mediates between World Roma Organization Rromanipen and authorities on all levels in countries;
•    Contacts with representatives of states’ and other bodies and organizations in country and abroad;
•    Pleads for free expression of different oppinions;
•    Pleads for creation of possibility for dialogue;
•    Proposes guidelines for suppression of stereotypes against Roma;
•    Fights for complete realization of political, national, cultural and informative equality of Roma on all meridians of this planet;
•    Pleads for creation of civil society and increase of citizens’ awareness about democratic values and regional cooperation;
•    Pleads for education of publicity about human rights and protection of victims of discrimination and repression;
•    Presents World Roma Organization Rromanipen in the world.


President of World Roma Organization Rromanipen is responsible for its activity to Congress and Parliament.