MP Bajram stressed that the Roma in Macedonia are a constituent people, as shown in the preamble of the Constitution, they have their national Roma day, and they enjoy all their rights, representing an example for other countries.

Participants of the meeting exchanged opinions and experiences regarding the achievements and efforts to promote Roma human rights, the right to education, employment, economic and infrastructural development, cultural and political participation, as well as in all other areas of social life in Macedonia.

President Damjanovic expressed his satisfaction being in a democratic, friendly country respecting national and minority rights, and successfully implementing the International Convention on Human Rights.

He welcomed the establishment of the Roma Municipality of Suto Orizari, where the mayor is of Roma origin, stressing that Macedonia is the first country in the region that provided the Roma with a constitutive status, giving them their own municipality with their own arrangement, which shows a high level of democracy and respect for human rights of national minority.

World Roma Organization has put forward a proposal for the establishment of a European Roma Political Party in order to promote the rights of Roma not only in Macedonia, but also in other countries, addressing the most urgent Roma issues, ensuring that their rights are fully respected, thus avoiding segregation at all levels.

MP Amdi Bajram is proposed for the nomination for the presidency of the future European Roma Political Party, whose appointment will be made by representatives from thirty countries at the next World Election Congress of the World Roma Organization.

The delegation of the World Roma Organization visited the next day the Roma municipality in Skopje, Suto Orizari, the first of a kind in the region, and where Romani is official besides the Macedonian and Albanian.


September 19th, 2018

Secretariat for information